“The Dopest Dope.”

"The Dopest Dope -The 5th LMNT is hands down THE BEST dispensary in Central Oregon! Their staff is extremely friendly, welcoming, and full of life and laughter; I feel at home the moment I walk in the door. The budtenders at The 5th are some of the most knowledgeable and patient people I have ever met, with such attention to detail you can truly feel their passion and commitment to their craft. Throughout my continued visits to The 5th, they have consistently stayed stocked on some of the best flower I've ever smoked, which goes without saying that The 5th carries some of the best weed in the state!! To anyone skeptical about giving this shop a try, I plead with you to go in and see for yourself! I promise you will not be disappointed! I'll see you soon 5th LMNT crew, keep up the great work and keep being the best of the best in Central Oregon!!"

Weedmaps.com Review: CentralOregonChronnoisseur

“By far the BEST in all of Central Oregon!”

“I PLEAD THE VTH! I just recently moved to Bend and have tried every dispensary in the area, and can confidently say that The Vth LMNT is by far the best in all of Central Oregon, without question one of the best in the entire state! They have an AMAZING variety of strains, including EXCLUSIVE RESIN RANCHERS, that you won't find anywhere else!  An ambiance that is warm and inviting. You can tell the staff is truly attentive and passionate about what they do. It's safe to say that I've found my permanent home! Thanks to everyone at The Vth for being the amazing people that they are, and always supplying us with the true top shelf 🔥⛽️🔥.”

Leafly.com Review: asentientpear


“Good Selection.'

“Good selection, nice folks and knowledgeable about their products."

Google.com Review: Redwing, Merle

"Love coming here! The people are so nice and friendly! Plus it's super convenient!!  5 STARS -no questions asked!!"

Leafly.com Review: mistiwertz


“My Local Shop.”

"My local shop. Always have great buds and friendly tenders. Their oils cartridges are top quality too."

Facebook.com Review: M. Bryant

“Best Quality.”

"Best quality cannabis flower selection I’ve seen in Oregon. I will be going back, even though it’s a little bit further of a drive for me, worth it! Recommend: Anything Resin Rachers or Vth Farm Zookies"

TheTravelJoint.com "What People Say" Review: M. Hunter


“These Guys Have The 'Wow Factor.'

“There are shops that have a better location, better parking and better ambiance, but there is nowhere that can claim to have higher quality cannabis. Their top self medicine is so spectacular, it is almost necessary to put them in a separate category. In all seriousness, every shop has good flowers, otherwise they'd be out of business. The 5th LMNT stands out as one of the only places that is worth mentioning specifically for their out-of this-world quality. In a market where nearly everything is good to great, these guys have the 'wow factor.' I used to choose other stores based on location and atmosphere, because why not, when all else is equal. Now I'll chose The 5th LMNT when I'm looking for the best Bend has to offer, hands down, without question. The folks here are super friendly, too. Oh, and did I mention that their bud is stellar beyond anything I can compare it to? Well, I should have if I didn't because it's that good! Pricey? Yes. Let's be honest and admit that this is a market issue, because if you have the best in town, then you can charge top rate. That's just good business. If you want what you pay for, give them a visit. If it's too much, their average priced options are just as good as all the other average priced shops in town. You just have the option to go above and beyond (no pun intended) here.”

Leafly.com Review: ToadNebula


“Amazing price for quality.'

“Well knowledgeable staff. First time in a dispensary, and was well pleased. picked up some Fire OG at an amazing price for the quality of the bud. ”

Leafly.com Review: TechiePhantom

“Super Convenient Location.”

“On a recent trip to Bend, stopped in here on the way into town from the Redmond Airport. It is literally on the drive into town, super convenient location. They have a great selection and very helpful staff on hand. I had some friends with me from back east and they had tons of questions for the budtenders who were not only happy to answer all of them, but were genuinely stoked to help some first time dispensary customers. Thank you!!”

Leafly.com Review: windhorse730


“Amazing New Dispensary.'

“Amazing new dispensary on the edge of Cornelius and Hillsboro. May be a little wait in the lobby but lets the tenders focus on individual customers and leaves the feeling of being rushed. Amazing list of options and quality. Parent store in bend. Also rumors of a head shop opening close by."

Google.com Review: Post, Nick


“BEST Dispensary.'

“Best dispensary in Hillsboro, very nice shop with great staff."

Google.com Review: Johnson, Andrew


“BEST Shop in Hillsboro!'

“Best shop in Hillsboro! Clean, well lighted, product presented well, excellent staff. Wanted to visit the new store...wound up making a modest purchase, and laughed 'till I left feeling great.”

Leafly.com Review: maggiedoodle



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